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Medium-Term Management Plan

Indicators for Medium-term Management Plan

(Unit : JPY 1 million)

Mar. 2021
Mar. 2022
Mar. 2023
Mar. 2024
Net sales 34,750 38,000 41,000 42,000
Plan published in Dec. 2020 34,000 42,900 43,800
Operating income 18 3,150 3,900 4,500
Plan published in Dec. 2020 -300 3,700 4,600
Net income attributable
to the parent company
670 1,550 2,200 2,600
Plan published in Dec. 2020 -1,000 1,800 2,300

ROE equal to or above 8% is aimed for.
∗Disclosed on Sep. 30, 2020

  • Regarding sales and operating income in March 2022, although the sluggish market and the fluctuation in demands due to shortage in supply of semiconductors in addition to the impact from COVID-19 are concerned, a gradual recovery tendency for them is forecasted.
  • Regarding sales and operating income after March 2022, although curbing of COVID-19 is still unpredictable, the restoration of economy and society is expected because of vaccination to be promoted steadily. In addition, it is possible that the concrete results of the Company's medium- to long-term strategy (please refer to the material of the financial results briefing for the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2021) may bring upward revision to the plan.