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Top Messages:Message to Our Shareholders

Since 1948 Nittan Valve has built as a manufacturer specializing in engine valves—the start of a history rich with achievements built with diverse customers. One milestone from the earlier years is the production of the engine valves for the Zero fighter planes. Another from more recent memory is our supply of a special engine valve to the winner of a Formula One racing season championship in the 1990s. However, our history and track record are best illustrated by the acknowledgement that "Nittan" is a synonym for motorcycle engine valves. We have gained immense trust from Japanese motorcycle makers dominating the global market, and we have striven to meet all manner of their requirements from small motorbikes or to MotoGP racing cars. This experience has alloewd us to achieve sophisticated technology and expanded productivity. Today, these core competencies, honed through the generations, we receive critical acclaim across a broad marketplace from glorious four-wheeled vehicles to niche products like chainsaws and lawn mowers.

Nittan Valve established itself as a supplier for the Zero fighter plane in the sky, and as a supplier of marine components in the water. In the early 2000s, we restructured our operations in the area of ship engine valves to focus on 4-cycle engine valves. As a result of this reorganization, it has grown into a stable business. Likewise, in the fields of precision forged gears and variable valves, we are striving to acquire new customers and commercialize new products to meet the diverse needs of the market.

Globally, Nittan Valve has grown into a group of 12 companies, and we have established a corporate management and governance framework with its internationalization. The establishment of Nittan Global Tech Co., Ltd. in 2008 was a first step in consolidating Global Operations by structurizing overseas business office. In Japan, the business sector faces increasingly stringent corporate governance and stewardship codes, and we are more rigorous than ever to deal with them. We will do our best to eliminate risk as the globalization of compliance structure is a part of conprehensive approach.

In 2015, Nittan Valve made a bold foray into a new business: we set up Shune365, a producer and distributor of organic vegetables. Why on earth did Nittan Valve dare to go into farming? Seeing the natural environment surrounding our offices and plants in Hadano, where one of Japan's best spring waters—credentialed by the Ministry of the Environment—flows, convinced us of this challenging business.

We have been and will continue to be sensitive and responsive to changes society, economy, and culture. With this attitude, Nittan Valve will endeavor to enhance the value of the company, to fulfill our social responsibilities, and to contribute to society.

Please accept our appreciation for your continued support and encouragement, and our wishes for your good health and prosperity.

Toshimichi Kimbara President