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Be More Robust and Productive in a Uniquely - Nittan Way!

Nittan Valve has managed the company knowing its limitations based on the reliable manufacturing since its foundation.

We, however, must keep maximizing our potentials, innovating new values and offering new products and technologies to our customers in order to survive in a rapidly changing world. In addition, we expect our investments destinations will greatly change. Exploration of investment is the key to the evolution of manufacturing.

We have created a very universal slogan, "Challenge. Creation. Speed.", that has no strong obsession with "winning or losing", which is commonly considered.

I would like to continue to seek for actions for employees and even myself―"Try anything" and "accomplish things through to the end." I say to my people, "Please do not think that nothing changes even if you are the only person who suggests something". One action or one opinion can be the source which brings more "awareness".

By sharing such a culture, our company can grow our productivity with passion. The company is a microcosm of life.Nittan Valve is aiming for "environment development", where we can attempt to try again without feeling down even when we fail or make mistakes, and for creating a "circle and harmony of people" where people can frankly discuss matters and understand each other.

I also believe our new future ways will be paved with the support of all our stakeholders if they find "Nittan Valve people are very unique".

Our mission is to keep challenging to become a more productive company and to create the affluence of society with our products and technologies by orchestrating the skills of our employees.

Toshimichi Kimbara President