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Nittan Valve is a business group that manufactures and sells engine valves after forging and processing of metal.
In Japan, we focus on technology development and manufacturing, and sales of our products in the main plant while deploying global manufacturing facilities in order to support the global expansion of our customers.
Taking advantage of forging and metal processing technology, we also manufacture and sell precision forged gears.

Small Engine Valve Business

Our engine valves are mainly for engines in automobiles, two wheels (motorcycles and scooters), trucks, and buses. We also manufacture and sell our engine valves for general-purpose products (generators, tillers, mowers, etc.) In addition to the two plants in Japan, eight facilities overseas supply our global business for small engine valves.

Marine Business

We manufacture engine valves for marine and general-purpose products (large generators, etc.) in Japan and South Korea for engine manufacturing customers.

Gear Business

We manufacture and sell precision forged gears, parts for automatic transmission in Japan for automobiles, trucks, agricultural, construction, and industrial machinery

Other Business

We manufacture valve lifters and roller rocker arms in South Korea and China (Beijing/Shandong Province) as a part of the mechanism for operating the small engine valve, and supply to the automobile manufacturers in South Korea, China and Japan.

Machine tools are supplied to small engine valve manufacturers in our Group.

We produce and sale chemical free vegetables cultivated under LED light.