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Corporate Philosophy

"Nittan Valve aims to meet the demands of society as well as to pursue the affluence of society through the practice of its management philosophy."

1. Contribute to society through the development of the company while making harmonious coexistence with the global environment.
Our flagship product, the engine valve, plays a critical role in exactly where the exhaust gas is generated. Emission regulations become more stringent every year. Low fuel consumption and clean emissions are very important issues. Indirectly, we are engaged in product development which leads to the improvement of the global environment, day-to-day waste sorting, and appropriate treatment of industrial wastewater through establishing goals more demanding than the law.
2. Quality priority that meets the customers' trust.
We will continue to work on quality management to achieve zero defect and zero complaint so that our customers can feel safe to use our products. Nowadays, "good quality is nothing special". We aim to provide excellent quality and high-grade products. Our ideal concept is that even design drawings or products should be so beautiful that would make you want to pick up. We are aiming for "quality to the highest grade".
3. Respect human nature and create a vibrant workplace.
People have the right to live as human beings. The depth and variety of humans' thoughts are immeasurable. That is why the company must continue to respect human nature. Indifference is the worst enemy. Amongst the repetition of daily life, we will continue to work to place an emphasis on the importance of connecting with others and build an open environment where people can easily communicate and pay attention when something is going wrong.

Our Slogan


Our corporate slogan, "CHALLENGE. CREATION. SPEED.", describes our approach that every employee and every executive continues to take action, and share and pass on their passion in order to create new value.
According to this slogan, we continue to provide high-quality products and technologies, responding to the rapidly changing environment and anticipating future needs. We believe it is our mission as a company to evolve together with society, and it will lead to pursuit of affluence in society.