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The valve lifter plays a vital supporting role. The parts do not only support the elegant movements of the engine valve, but also contribute to the life extension of the valve and cost reduction in assembling the engine.

Tappet (Valve Lifter)

We also focus on the development of valve train parts such as a valve lifter to open and close the engine valve (tappet and roller locker arm) and hydraulic lash adjuster (HLA). The roller locker arm is a component to reduce contact resistance with the cam. HLA is a component to make automatic adjustments depending on change in the engine valve length due to the engine temperature. Since both components have a great effect on the engine, we have engaged in the joint development with our customers from the early stage of the engine design, and have contributed to the improvement of the engine performance as well as the assemblability and cost reduction.

Roller Rocker Arm (Valve Lifter)

Hydraulic Lash Adjuster