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Nittan Valve pursues sustainable corporate growth and medium- and long-term improvement in corporate value. We have the Basic Policy for Corporate Governance in place, which sets out our basic stance, framework, and principles for the implementation of corporate governance.

Basic Policy for Corporate Governance

In accordance with the Basic Policy for Corporate Governance, we ensure the integrity of our business operations with a triple focus on enhancing the corporate governance framework, promoting the compliance framework, and improving internal control systems.

Striving for sustainable growth

Enhancing the corporate governance framework

Promote Auditing for Company with Board of Statutory Auditors
Ensuring the effectiveness of existing Broad of Company Auditors, and auditors in the Board of Company Auditors audit the business execution for directors.
Establishing the Outside Directors
Outside Directors observe the management strictly with their professional knowledge and experiences.
Introducing the Executive Officer System
Achieving efficient and functional management by delegate authority for business execution to Executive Officers.

Nittan Valve Governance Framework

Nittan Valve Governance Framework

Promotion of the compliance framework

Formulation of the global compliance program
Top management commits to compliance and establishes the global management framework
Establishment of Compliance & Risk Management Committee
Set up Compliance & Risk Management Committee designed to raise compliance awareness and ensure legal and regulatory compliance
Establishment of the compliance officer
Appoint a person in charge of compliance in each group company and each department of Nittan Valve; define responsibility and promote the detailed management framework

Improvement on internal control systems

Ensuring clear and rigorous implementation of decision-making procedures based on rules for requesting an approval.
Institute rules for the Board of Directors' and for requesting an approval to ensure quick and visible formulation of business management decisions
Introduction of the global whistle-blower system
Establishment of the global whistle-blower system as global hotlines with inside and outside organization enables direct access to Nittan Valve top management
Enhancement of internal audit function
Create a standalone internal audit section answerable directly to the President to achieve effective and efficient internal audit function