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NPM Activities

NPM (Nittan Productive Maintenance) activities are based on the concepts of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) activities.
TPM is a concept to build a corporate structure to maximize the efficiency of the production system to maximize the loss (aiming for zero loss) which is advocated by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance. Based on this, the Nittan-style improvement activities involve all employees across all sectors of the Organization, not limited to the production division.
To engage in the Nittan-style TPM, we named it "NPM activities". Our NPM activities are developed continuously while improving the activities since the introduction in 1991. Now our initiatives is evolving to "Nittan Total Productive Management".

Basic Policy for NPM

Stronger Foundation

  1. Achieve company policy with NPM activities to be tolerant of changes
  2. Develop human resources for a stable workplace, which is the fundamental of NPM
  3. Maximize the value (performance) through speeding up NPM activities

Sustained Growth

  1. Improve the company structure with the "Zero Loss" concept in the NPM spirit
  2. Improve individual skills according to the idea of "developing competent human resources for a stable workplace"
  3. Build "Manufacturing Capabilities" with NPM activities

Corporate Culture Reform

  1. Establish a corporate culture to "nurture people" that is significance in NPM
  2. Achieve the idea of "following the rules" as a company standard
  3. Ensure safety awareness required for all NPM activities
  4. Reform the environmental awareness to contribute to the local community

Objective Achievement